What To Do If You have Atlas Chalet Shingles on Your Roof

Atlas Chalet shingles

A recent article on Fox Atlanta has raised the alarm among homeowners across Georgia.

If your home incurs storm damage and your roof is clad in Atlas Chalet shingles, you’d better hope the damage is severe enough to warrant a roof replacement. Otherwise, you could end up footing the entire bill for a new roof!

Why? Atlas Chalet shingles, installed on thousands of homes in Georgia between 1999 and 2010, have come under allegations that they prematurely crack, blister, and fail. As a result, Atlas Chalet shingles are no longer being manufactured.

No Shingle Availability Means No Roof Repair

Problem is, there is no suitably sized replacement for the Atlas Chalet shingle. That means that if a few shingles on your roof are damaged during a storm, they can’t be replaced. That leaves a full roof replacement as the only option.

David Fairbanks, President of Athens Roof Tech, explains that “If you can’t replace the shingles, the only alternative is to replace the roof, otherwise the homeowner is at risk. It’s not the homeowner’s fault that these materials aren’t available anymore.”

What Will Your Roof Insurance Company Cover?

If your roof is covered by Allstate, you may want to reconsider.

According to the news report, an Allstate spokesman claims that the company is not responsible for replacing an entire roof, even though replacement shingles are no longer available.

“We evaluate roofs with Atlas Chalet shingles in the same manner we do roofs with any other shingles. In cases where a roof replacement was warranted, we will pay for the roof to be repaired. In cases where a repair is warranted, we will pay for the roof to be repaired.”

That’s quite a catch-22, so be sure to check what your plan will cover if you have Atlas Chalet shingles. Other insurance companies have stood by their customers, covering the entire roof if necessary.

Do I have Atlas Chalet Shingles?

Whether your home was $150K or $1M, if it was constructed between 1999 and 2010, here is a good chance that the builder installed Atlas Chalet shingles on your roof. They were designed to look like expensive architectural shingles without the high cost, so they were used on tens of thousands of Georgia houses.

Taking the First Step

The first step is to determine if you have these Atlas Chalet shingles. Give us a call at (706) 424-4389 for a free review.

If we find that you do have these shingles, we advise contacting your insurance company to determine how your insurance will handle storm damage of all proportions.

Image via Lucey Law Firm.