Installing TPO Roofing for Pike Electric in Monroe, GA

Pike Electric roofing in Monroe, GA

The team at Pike Electric called Athens Roof Tech when they began experiencing extensive leaks in their main office building in Monroe, Georgia. Roof penetrations were found around an internal gutter created when Pike Electric added on to its original office building.

Offering Honesty & Proficiency

Pike had trouble finding a roofer in which they felt confident to resolve the problem. Many roofing contractors actually declined the job, stating that they were not interested because they didn’t know how to begin the repair. Other roofers quoted high prices hoping to first get the job and then figure something out.

Building a Recovery System

Both Pike Electric office buildings are metal Butler buildings, and we installed TPO roofing with a 60 mil membrane and new gutters. This system is often referred to as a recovery system. in order to give us a substrate to attach the TPO, we installed a new deck over the existing roof.

Delivering a Customized Solution

Generally, we would install insulation over a Butler building, and then install TPO roofing. In this application, however, we installed new wood decking because of the profile of the Butler building metal roof panels.

The screws used originally would have damaged our TPO roofing, so wood decking was the better choice. We completely eliminated the internal gutter — and potential leakage — by making two roofs one.

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