Kenny Adkins, Athens, GA

I was new to Athens when I needed to replace the roof on a rental home I had just purchased. I searched on the internet and found three roofing contractors. As usual, one contractor came out and looked at the roof, but never even submitted a bid. The second roofer was very nice with elegant literature. However, his price was also very elegant. Mark Turiano from Roof Tech met me at the property when agreed. He did a thorough inspection of the roof and gave me a firm quote on the spot (which was several hundred dollars less than the other guy). I’ve got quite a lot of construction experience and have actually taught construction for several years at a local technical school. Mark showed he really knew his roofing. I felt really comfortable with asking Roof Tech to do the job. On the day of the job, I was quite impressed at the quality and speed of the job. They had quality workers. They never made a mess of the ground or shrubbery. They did everything as promised. Overall, Roof Tech was the best choice I could have made to replace my roof. I will never use another roofing contractor again.

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