Sun Tunnels Bring More Than Light Into Your Home

sun tunnel

Winter is finally in the rearview mirror. Doesn’t all that natural light feel great? It may be time to install a sun tunnel in your roof to reap the benefits of bringing natural light inside your home year-round. You may be surprised to learn just how affordable it is to install a sun tunnel, and how big a difference they can make.

The Proven Health Benefits of Natural Light

The benefits of a sun tunnel go well beyond making your home look its best. Recent research suggests a clear link between natural light and health, and further that natural light improves sleep, physical activity, and quality of life. Indeed, the benefits of natural light are myriad, improving everything from test scores to shopping experiences.

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are sun-collecting domes installed on your roof that can be redirected in your attic, through your ceilings, and into your home. Plus, through the magic of mirrors, sun tunnels can even turn corners, ensuring the darkest corners of your home are illuminated with the brilliance of sunlight.

Take a look at the dramatic difference between a laundry room before and after the installation of a sun tunnel:

Sun tunnel before & after

Affordable Sun Tunnel Options

Sun tunnels come in both flexible and rigid varieties. There are numerous options available to fit your needs. Here are a few examples, courtesy of our friends at, a leading manufacturer of sun tunnels. You can click the image for more information about these options:

Sun tunnel options

Expert Roofers Keep Sun Tunnel Installation Costs Down

Installing a sun tunnel may seem like a big deal, and it may be for some contractors who are less familiar with leak prevention than professional roofers are.

At Athens Roof Tech, we install sun tunnels affordably and safely, since working with roofs is something we do every single day. We know how to keep water out, and bring light in!

If you’re interested in a quote to install a sun tunnel in your home, please just contact us or give us a ring at (706) 424-4389.