Roofing Materials Make a Difference – Know What’s Over Your Head

roof diagram athens ga

There are lots of roofers to choose from but how do you decide who to work with, and what roofing materials are they using? These are all important decisions that can have huge consequences. For starters, we encourage you to keep in mind that there’s far more to a roof than just what you see. What you DON’T see is oftentimes the most important: the roofing materials. We never skimp on roofing materials or cut corners to save a buck. That’s just not how we operate. Our bottom line is made of happy life-long customers. We are your friends, neighbors and members of the same community. Saving a buck now that could negatively affect you later simply wouldn’t be good business, let alone square with our values.

For example, learn more about why our upgraded metal screws cost us more than what the competition uses, but serve you better:


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