Client Spotlight: Nat Carmack and BOS Staffing

BOS Staffing Athens GA

We recently completed a flat roofing project for BOS Staffing, an Athens-founded and Georgia-based recruitment agency, with offices here on West Broad.

It wasn’t our first time working with BOS Staffing, and because we love the BOS Staffing family and what they do for the local labor force, we wanted to put a spotlight on their work. BOS Staffing was founded as Business Office Services in 1979, and in our interview with co-owner Nat Carmack, we got to know the evolution of the award-winning BOS Staffing firsthand.

In your own words, what is BOS Staffing and what does the company do?

BOS Staffing is a full service recruiting firm. We work for a variety of clients to recruit anyone including administrative and clerical associates, bookkeepers, legal secretaries, finance associates, IT programmers and technicians, call center representatives, distribution specialists, and manufacturing technicians.

We also have a medical staffing division that provides both front and back office support to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. This includes RNs, LPNs, MAs, medical billing, and reception. Assignments may be long-term or per-diem.

We work for the companies that hire us to recruit employees to work at their businesses, so there is never a fee for an applicant.

What is your company mission?

BOS Staffing will set the standard for excellence in the staffing industry. BOS will be a dynamic, growing business organization focused on surpassing our customers’ and employees’ needs and expectations. Our service to our community has several dimensions – serving the businesses of our community, improving the employment circumstances of our applicants, and aiding in the economic development of our community.

We will continue to be successful in this mission by applying these guiding principles:

  • Hiring and developing staff members of the highest caliber who will be loyal and dedicated.
  • Using our organization’s combined talents to provide excellent service and satisfaction to both our business customers and our employee customers.
  • Strive to be innovative, creative, and outstanding in everything that we attempt.
  • Provide a role model for others to follow by conducting all business affairs on high moral and ethical standards.

How did the company’s focus evolve from clerical services to staffing solutions?

The evolution was natural: we’ve followed as the industry matured. In the 1970s the demand was still only for clerical positions. As business practices changed, businesses have accepted that our services can benefit them throughout their organization.

How would you describe your company’s culture?

Ours is a small business, without rigid structures or lines of authority. Everyone learns how the entire business operates, and is able to assist on many fronts. The owners are directly involved daily and available to respond if needed.

Our customers benefit by what we call “local decision-making.” Because the owners are so actively involved, we don’t have multiple levels of bureaucracy to work through to get decisions.

Where do you see the company in 5, 10, 20 years?

The world changes too fast to believe that we can have five year plans much less ten or twenty years. Five years ago we would not have believed how much we’ve grown, including adding our office in Gainesville or the growth we’ve experienced in our medical division.

We continue to position ourselves to provide the best recruiters to serve our clients. We are continually improving the training and education that we provide to our staff to make them better able to serve the companies in our markets.

How does the Staffing Assessment Center work?

The BOS Staffing Assessment Center is one tool that we use in validating the skills of our applicants for our clients. We have dozens of nationally validated assessments that cover nearly every software package used in businesses, programming languages, or skill sets required in businesses.

We encourage our clients to set a “benchmark” by letting us test one of their current “A-player” employees. We can then use those scores for comparison when screening applicants for the client.

Do you do anything in the community that goes above and beyond your services, like fundraising or community service?

Our team is actively involved in the community in many aspects including Cub Scout Cubmaster, Girl Scout Troop Leader, PTA leaders, and church leaders in our community.

Nathan and Nat Carmack are active Rotarians in Athens. Nathan was President of the Athens Rotary Club and later District Governor of District 6910 covering most of North Georgia Rotary. Nat served six terms on the Board of Directors and three terms as Treasurer for the club.

BOS Staffing sponsors 5k races that include Kid’s Fun Runs at Timothy Road Elementary and Barrow County Schools. We are a corporate sponsor of the Northeast Georgia Red Cross including their 5k and Annual Heroes Breakfast.

This year BOS Staffing was the Presenting Sponsor of the “Hunt for Hope” to support the battle against breast cancer.

What sort of businesses should contact you?

Any business that needs to hire an employee now or in the future should contact us. Using a recruiting service frees that business owner, manager or hiring authority to focus their efforts on their primary business, whatever that might be. Our recruiters are experts, trained in the skills of recruiting and we perform that task on a daily basis for our clients.

Just like most business owners use specialists to prepare their corporate tax returns or repair their company vehicles, they should also use a specialist to recruit their employees. Additionally, the temp-to-hire method allows them to try out those employees before they make long-term commitments.

Your website mentions that BOS Staffing is a family-owned business. Who started the company, and how did it come to be?

The owners have deep roots in Athens and UGA. Nathan Carmack came to UGA, met a local girl and settled down in Athens to build his life. Nat Carmack was born in Athens and graduated from UGA. He joined the business in 2002.

Our company was founded in 1979 by Nathan Carmack as Business Office Services. At that time, we were focused on providing temporary clerical services. Over the years, this expanded to include a much wider range of placements and the name was changed to BOS Temporaries.

As we shifted from strictly temporary to more “temp-to-hire” placements, we changed the name to BOS Staffing. Temp-to-Hire is the overwhelming majority of what we do today. Providing recruiting services for employers who try out employees on a temporary basis before taking them on permanently.

This method of hiring greatly reduces their risk in hiring by test-driving that employment relationship before making a permanent commitment. Hiring Managers can get a much clearer understanding of a person’s skills and temperament by working with them first without commitment. The traditional interview simply does not give the insight gained from working alongside someone for a period of time.

Your site is more than just information; it’s actually a sort of software application. How do employers and employees use it?

Our site is intended to a tool both for hiring managers as well as applicants. Our blog covers a wide variety of topics in the hiring and employment areas with articles both for the employer and the employee.

Additionally, it provides a list of some of our current openings that we are recruiting for. These openings can be applied for directly online.

The Webcenter portal gives employees and clients access to submit/approve timecards, view paychecks or invoices and print a variety of reports relevant to their business.

BOS Staffing Inc 5000 AwardYou were named to the Inc 5000 for three consecutive years. Congratulations! What did that mean to your team, and did anything change?

I don’t believe this has changed us. Its just an acknowledgement of the team’s hard work. We have been successful at maintaining our quality in service through this time of tremendous growth. We look forward to continuing to meet the challenge of providing the same level of recruiting as we grow in the future.

You were rated the top staffing company—congrats again! What makes BOS different from competitors?

Our Recruiters are the difference. BOS Staffing Recruiters are Certified Staffing Specialists® by the American Staffing Association.

Staffing professionals make decisions every day that could ensnare their companies, their customers, and themselves in costly legal entanglements. CSP certification programs help minimize legal risks and protect employee rights.

The Certified Staffing Professional program reviews the myriad employment laws and rules. Understanding these fundamentals reduces the risk of legal liability for employment law violations by both our company and our customers.

Topics include:

  • Equal employment opportunity laws
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Employment agreements
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act
  • Substance abuse and drug testing
  • Pre-employment process
  • How to reduce employment related claims
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Co-employment
  • ASA code of ethics and good practices

How did you learn about Athens Roof Tech?

In preparing to have the roof on our home replaced in anticipation of a sale, I found Athens Roof Tech during an internet search.

Brad was very knowledgeable and informative during the sales process, the price was very fair and their references were positive, so I gave them the first job.

How would you describe your experience with Athens Roof Tech?

Their work on our home was great. The Roof Tech crew was friendly, quick, and did a great job of cleaning up afterward. Brad was quick to follow-up afterward when we had questions.

Since then, the Roof Tech crew has replaced the roofs on two more of our family’s homes and part of the roof on our business. We’ve always been pleased with the work done. Brad is quick to help and answer questions for us. The crews are always friendly and leave the worksite in good condition when they leave. We would have no hesitance in using Roof Tech again.


If you’re interested in what BOS Staffing can do for you, start searching for jobs or find a new hire! For more local work by Athens Roof Tech, check out the team’s other commercial projects or drop us a line.