Are You Legally Protected from Roofing Accidents at Your Home?

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Roof replacements are a risky business, and if your roofers aren’t taking the right precautions — or have the right insurance — that could spell trouble for you.

Local and national news networks have recently reported a number of deadly roofing accidents, and the government is cracking down. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, has been cracking down and fining roofers large sums for safety violations.

In California, OSHA is raising awareness and increasing on-site hazard inspections of everything from safety hooks and railings to overheating and electrocution hazards.

“Roofing operations are inherently risky and worker safety is paramount. Employers must have strong safety programs in place that include appropriate equipment and training to prevent injuries on the job,” said Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, which oversees OSHA in California.

Lesser known is that homeowners can be held liable for accidents if the roofer does not have proper workers’ compensation coverage.

Protect Yourself with Insured Roofers

As we noted in an earlier post, “Without workers’ compensation, the owner is liable! If someone at a roof company without worker’s comp falls off your roof, chances are you’ll see them in court, looking for money.”

Thanks to our work with large organizations like the University of Georgia, Athens Roof Tech is actually over-insured when it comes to working on your roof. We also abide by all regulations and best practices when it comes to our job. Safety first!

So before you make a decision about choosing a roofer, particularly if you’re considering a dramatically lower bid than any others you requested, make sure to get documentation of worker’s comp insurance. Follow up with a call to that company’s recorded issuing insurance agency to double check.

Before you make a hire, help yourself by asking these 7 questions to help you choose a qualified roofer.

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